HAY-ON-WYE could be leading the way on food waste in the region following a move by campaigners.

Residents teamed up with local eatery, the Granary, Wrap and Friends of the Earth Cymru to host a training day when local partnership adviser Joanne Tarling gave a presentation on food waste – and how to avoid it.

It's part of the Love Food, Hate Waste campaign, which aims to reduce the amount of food wasted in the UK each year.

About 19% of all food and drink brought into the UK is binned - almost a fifth.

In total, about £12.5 billion of food ends up in British bins each year.

As a result of the training day, Bleddyn Lake of FoE’s local group’s development office has announced a meeting at the Globe, in Hay on Wye on Thursday, April 17, at 7.30pm, to discuss the possibility of Hay becoming one of Wales’ first Hafsa towns.

Hafsa is the Hospitality and Food Service Agreement that food-related businesses sign up to pledge to cut down on the food they waste, by possibly participating in business recycling schemes, offering doggy bags to users and even launching community cafe or other ventures to ensure that leftover food isn’t wasted.

For more information contact Bleddyn on bleddyn.lake@foe.co.uk.