THIS egg may not win any beauty competitions this Easter, but its owner still think it looks “egg-cellent.”

Hephzibah Cole noticed the unusual egg after collecting it from her chickens’ house outside her Leominster home on Sunday.

The nine-year-old Stoke Prior Primary School pupil is now set to decorate the shell in time for this weekend’s festivities and give the contents to the chickens.

“We have got 11 chickens and they lay around eight to nine eggs a day,” said Hephzibah’s mother Sarah.

“Sometimes, they lay slightly creased eggs, but this is a particularly odd egg that is weirdly shaped.

“I thought it was a hideous mutation of something at first.”

The chickens normally enjoy a diet of yoghurt, spaghetti and sweetcorn, as well as the standard feed.

But, Sarah thinks that a better quality of sweetcorn and some tonic resulted in Shirley laying the unusual egg.

“It struck us because of how odd it looked,” said Sarah.

“We haven’t showed it to anyone else yet, but my daughter is going to decorate it in time for Easter.

“The chickens will have the contents, which I’m sure they will enjoy.”