ONE of the greatest metal sculptors in Europe has offered his work for free to Ledbury, to enhance an gateway entrance to the town.

Polish-born Walenty Pytel, aged 73, was trained at the Hereford College of Art, and he has made his offer as a goodwill gesture to Ledbury.

Former mayor, Allen Conway, speaking at a recent town council meeting, said: "Having seen a lot of his work, and thinking highly of it, I suggest the Gloucester Road roundabout."

If all goes to plan, a metal sculpture showing swallows returning, will top a 14ft high metal plinth on the roundabout.

Town clerk, Karen Mitchell said: "We would need planning permission from Herefordshire Council. We would need a licence to place it in the highway, complete with lights. Then there is power, - who is going to pay for it?"

Coun Paul Winter suggested solar power as an economic way of lighting "Swallows Returning".

Ledbury mayor, Coun Terry Widdows said: "I propose we we accept the very kind offer from Mr Pytel", and this was agreed.

The time scale for the work is still to be announced, and work will need to be carried out on the traffic island, in preparation.

Deputy mayor, Bob Barnes said: "The Gloucester Road roundabout is sponsored by Helping Hand, and we have a tree in the middle of it, and so we will need to contact Helping Hand and ask if the tree can be removed."

Mr Pytel's sculpture, "The Buzzards", was a welcome addition to Malvern's Rosebank Garden in November 2012.

in 2005, the Portuguese football club, Benfica, commissioned him to create four giant eagles for the stadium.

In 1979 work, the Fosser, at Rocester, was the largest steel sculpture in Europe, at the time of its unveiling.