A PENSIONER'S Walk down Memory Lane, into old Ledbury, has encouraged 1400 people to join her, after she set up a Facebook site.

Mrs Audrey Edge, aged 84, now lives in Worcester where she is cared for by her daughter, Jo Manuschka.

But Mrs Edge, who has Alzheimers, insists on weekly trips back to her hometown, where she was born in Bridge Street, back in 1929.

She enjoys seeing the familiar streets with her daughter, and also loves seeing and collecting old photographs of the town.

Just over a year ago, Mrs Edge and her daughter were inspired to set up the "Old Ledbury" Facebook site, which is intended to celebrate the town as it was, prior to 1980.

Photographs submitted to the site are also stored on a website, www.old-ledbury.co.uk.

Since the launch, an incredible 1400 people have registered on the Facebook site, and 5,000 photographs have been shared by members.

Mrs Manuschka said: I didn't know it would kick off as well as it has.

"My mum loves to share her photos and her memories of old Ledbury. It has kept us going, these past months.

Now, as part of Ledbury Community Day on Saturday June 7, the group has organised a photographic exhibition at Ledbury Royal British Legion Club in Church Street, from 10am to 4pm

The group are hoping that the exhibition will attract new members and encourage other Old Ledburians to share their personal photographs and recollections.

Mrs Manuschka said: All are welcome to pop along to the exhibition and help the group identify people and places and meet up with old friends, including Audrey.

Refreshments available and admission is free, and all proceeds and donations on the day will go to the Alzheimers Society.