THE NEXT "street art" superstar could take his or her first steps to global recognition, at the village shop at Bromsberrow.

Bromesberrow St Mary's School Primary youngsters will be designing and creating their very own mural on the specially prepared wall area at the shop, inspired by the works of famous modern artists such as Banksy.

Shop spokesperson, Jan Long said: "Significant progress has been made on the covering for the wall in the shop which required a finish and varnish to enable the pupils to work with confidence, knowing that if an error were made in their drawing then it could be safely wiped clean and their work begun again.

"St Mary's School is in Bromesberrow, on one side of the A417 and the Shop is in Bromsberrow Heath on the other side of a busy road, which means that there is little contact with our popular and successful village school. I wanted to find a way of bridging this divide, and engage the schoolchildren in a joint collaborative project that would be mutually beneficial."

She added:"I suggested to the head teacher, Laura Hankins, that as the Shop had a large space at the rear it would be perfect for the children to create their own wall mural that would remain there for families and friends to view, and could be photographed and recorded, then a new mural the following year, making it an annual event."

Mrs Long added: "Who knows, we might even have a budding Banksy!"

The children will arrive on site by use of the school mini-bus, during the summer term.

Mrs Long said: "The costs of materials and finishing paint have been funded in part by the local parish council and the remainder of the amount was raised by raffles held in the community shop.

"In addition to the specialised wall fittings and finish, a balustrade is also being constructed to ensure safety and security for the children. All the work has been done by a team of volunteers, showing true community spirit."

The photograph, by Jan Long, show Peter Jones, community shop Chairman, working on the Wall