LEDBURY people can show support for the group that runs the town's ring and ride service, by becoming an official friend of the organisation.

Community Action Ledbury, which also runs the mobility centre and helps to co-ordinate volunteering in the local area, will soon be supported by a Friends group.

Anyone wishing to become and friend can do so for as little as £10 a year, and Ledbury Town Council has already agreed to become Vice Patron.

Coun Liz Harvey, speaking in favour at last week's Town Council meeting in the Market House said: "This is a community bottom-up thing; these are residents of the town concerned to show support for the good work being done by Community Action Ledbury, by providing community backing and income to demonstrate how important the work of the organisation is seen to be in the town."

Coun Richard Hadley said: "It is a very worthwhile organisation and I think this is a very good proposal to support."

But Coun Martin Eager asked: "What is involved, becoming a patron? Are we committed to them, financially committed to a contribution, or a donation?"

Coun Clive Jupp said: "I understand it is a Friends' Association that is being set up, underlining our support. As a patron, I don't believe we have any financial obligation."

The town council, however, is already a financial supporter of Community Action Ledbury, which is based in Bye Street.

The council provided £2,000 towards the organisation's transport projects in 2012, 2013 and once again this year.

Town Clerk, Karen Mitchell said the town council would review its position as patron on an annual basis, using advice from the Herefordshire Association of Local Councils.