HEREFORDSHIRE Council has defended a recent email where an officer seemed not to know what was meant by the "main street" of Ledbury.

The response came after local motorist Linda Arnold complained by email about the state of the main drive through town, in particular about the potholes.

She wrote: "This town's street is in a dreadful state and must be damaging many vehicles' suspension systems.When will it be resurfaced?"

The council response was as follows: "Thank you for contacting Herefordshire Council.

"To enable us to process your request please could you provide some further information on the location of the issue. For example a name or number of a nearby property or nearest known landmark. We have been unable to identify ‘Main Street’ in Ledbury, are you referring to ‘High Street’?"

Mrs Arnold said: "It was a bit puzzling - but perhaps council workers don't get out much these days?

"Has anyone else experienced the drive from the Top Cross to the railway bridge recently? It is like driving in a third world country!"

Herefordshire Council has defended its response as routine, while giving news concerning Ledbury's pot-holed town centre.

Communications officer, Michelle Morgan said: “When reporting a pothole we will ask for a clear location along with the street reference so the defect can be accurately reported. The response from Herefordshire Council was asking for clarification as the query mentioned Main Street in Ledbury which appears to be a local name and not one recognised by the systems we use.

"The officer presumed the query was relating to High Street, but wanted to double check. Potholes can be reported directly online, pin pointing the exact location."

She added: "Balfour Beatty is aware of the defects on High Street and the repair of these will be balanced against other areas in the county in need of attention, and available resources.

"Balfour Beatty is programming additional resurfacing work to Ledbury High Street and will consult with the town council to determine the most suitable timescales to minimise disruption during delivery of these works.“