LOCAL people made the Master's House, back in the fifteenth century, and now they are being asked to help restore it

Led by the project architects, local residents and enthusiasts are invited to take part in a day of practical wattle and daub application on Wednesday this week, May 21.

Event spokesperson, Jessica Worlock said: "This hands on day was arranged to offer people the chance to learn about the wattle and daub process, and its widespread use as a traditional building material."

The process, which dates back to the Bronze Age and pre-Roman times, involves mixing the daub, mainly mud and clay, preparing the wattle panels and then applying it within the original medieval timber frame.

The whole process replicates that which was undertaken five centuries ago, on the original structure.

The Master's House restoration, and £3m project, will lead to the building being opened as a new community hub and town library this winter.