A BREAK down of Herefordshire votes in the European Parliamentary election show UKIP finishing a close second to the Tories.

The county is included in the West Midlands European constituency which elected three UKIP MEPs to its seven seats.

Anthea McIntyre, from Ross-on-Wye, was one of two Tory MEPs returned with Labour taking the remaining two seats.

MEPs elected in the West Midlands were:

1 Jill Seymour (UKIP)

2 Neena Gill (Labour)

3 Philip Bradbourn (Conservative)

4 Jim Carver (UKIP)

5 Sîon Simon (Labour)

6 Anthea McIntyre (Conservative)

7 Bill Etheridge (UKIP)

In Herefordshire, just 267 votes kept UKIP from taking top spot off the Tories with both parties dominating vote share.

Final results for Herefordshire were:

An Independence from Europe 762

British National Party 355

Conservative Party 15,717

English Democrats 346

Green Party 4,367

Harmony Party 52

Labour Party 4,995

Liberal Democrats 4,094

NO2EU 89

UK Independence Party (UKIP) 15,450

We Demand A Referendum Now 865