A HEREFORDSHIRE MP wants the public to have a say on a stretch of road that he says is a "massive problem for Herefordians".

Jesse Norman, the MP for Hereford and South Herefordshire, states in an article on his Twitter page that the A417 road over Birdlip Hill in Gloucestershire is a problem for Herefordians wanting to get to the M40 for Oxford, or to Swindon and the M4 to London.

In the piece Mr Norman mentions a scheme that has been proposed to sort out the traffic on the road and make it safer for drivers, and he asks members of the public to have their say in his survey on the subject.

The article says: "As I'm sure you know, the A417 road over Birdlip Hill by the Air Balloon roundabout is a time-consuming traffic bottleneck - and a massive problem for Herefordians wanting to get to the M40 for Oxford, or to Swindon and the M4 to London.

"Even on a good day the road is often congested: hardly surprising, when over 34,000 vehicles use the road daily, many of them HGVs. And when weather conditions are poor, or there has been an accident, the disruption can be nightmarish.

"And it's very dangerous. Since 1998 there have been over 340 casualties on the road, of which 39 involved serious injury and 8 resulted in death. But help is at hand. After many years a scheme has been proposed that is supported by businesses, the local authority, MPs and the Highways Agency. You can find out more about the proposed scheme here.

"Our job now is to persuade the Department for Transport to add it to the list of major projects for urgent delivery. But for that they need our feedback. I have compiled a short survey to find out how local people in Herefordshire use this section of the A417, and the effect that the traffic and disruptions have on their everyday lives and wellbeing.

"This could make a huge difference.  I do hope you will take a moment to fill the survey out and forward it to any friends or contacts who you think might be interested."

To view the survey click here.