THE centenary of the Dymock Poets will be celebrated with a fun walk and run, to coincide with the Ledbury Poetry Festival.

The free to enter "Running Order" event will take place on the evening of Tuesday July 8 from Dymock Cricket Club.

Event spokesman, Phillip Howells said: "The unique feature of this event, and the reason for its name, is that the poems which are read before the start are then dissembled into segments and given to the walkers and runners to take with them, to then be handed back in the order in which they arrive back at the finish.

"The poems are then re-assembled to form new poems according to the order in which the runners or walkers hand back their segments and then read out as entertainment, to end the evening."

The evening will kick off at 6pm, with a reading of works by the Dymock Poets, the creative group which was active in the area up to the outbreak of World War One.

Members included Edward Thomas, Rupert Brooke and Robert Frost.

The walks and runs will be based on the "Poets' Path", which takes in landscape which the writers would have known.

Runners and walkers are expected to make it back to the Cricket Club by 8.30pm.

And at 9m the new order of the "Running Order" poems will be read out, and compared with the originals.

Mr Howells said: "This has always proved to be an amusing and entertaining way to end the evening of exercise and culture!"

Anyone wishing to take part should contact Mr Howells on or 07802 260906.