WYE Valley NHS Trust has confirmed that it does not use the liquid baby food at the centre of a national health scare.

Public Health England has ordered an urgent recall of a batch of liquid feed from specialist London manufacturer ITH Pharma Ltd.

A number of babies have been infected with the contaminated liquid feed linked to the death of a newborn that killed a newborn at St Thomas' hospital, London.

All the babies developed septicaemia (blood poisoning) from the feed, which is delivered straight into the bloodstream via a drip and which was contaminated with bacteria.

A recall of the limited number of batches which could potentially have been affected is underway with all stock has been removed from circulation.

The infected babies were premature or weak and vulnerable and in intensive care cots where they were receiving nourishment through an IV drip because they were unable to take anything by mouth.

The made to order feed, known technically as parenteral nutrition, contained formulated nourishment Hospitals are supplied with the fed on the day they request it and it has a shelf-life of seven days.

The contaminated batch was sent to 22 hospitals, nine of which have reported cases.

Today,WVT confirmed it does not use this feed in its Special Care Baby Unit at Hereford County Hospital.

After investigations, WVT has also said that it is satisfied babies arriving at the County Hospital from other hospitals were not receiving this product.