WATER on the road may have contributed to a two car collision close to Trumpet Crossroads on Monday, June 9, according to police.

The incident involved a black Ford and a Silver Peugeot, and one woman was taken to Hereford Hospital by ambulance.

At the time of writing, her name had not been made public and the extent of her injuries were not known.

The shunt took place shortly after a thunderstorm, during which there were heavy downpours in the Ledbury area.

Initial reports to the police indicated that three vehicles, not two, were involved in the collision; but this appears not to have been the case.

The main road from Ledbury to Hereford was blocked at that point from 9.27am to 10.52am, when it was re-opened by police.

Officers erected signs, to warn other motorists of the water hazard, and the Highways Authority was informed of the problem.