A LEDBURY motorist says she has a personal mission to get potholes fixed in Ledbury town centre, almost two months after she first raised concerns with Herefordshire Council.

Despite a flurry of emails since then, the authority is still unable to confirm that the High Street and the Homend have even been inspected by their Balfour Beatty contractors.

And without an inspection, the authority has no way of knowing whether the state of town centre roads is an emergency or not.

The saga began in April, when motorist Linda Arnold complained about potholes in Ledbury's main street, only to be asked by the council where the main street was.

Herefordshire Council customer services responded: "To enable us to process your request please could you provide some further information on the location of the issue. For example a name or number of a nearby property or nearest known landmark. We have been unable to identify ?Main Street? in Ledbury, are you referring to ?High Street??"

To be helpful, Mrs Arnold wrote back to the council: "I intended to include the whole road from Ledbury railway station to New Street. I believe it includes the High Street.The road surface is especially bad at the junction with Knapp Lane."

In early May, Herefordshire Council responded with some disappointing news:"Thank you for contacting Herefordshire Council. This information will be passed to Balfour Beatty Living Places who deliver the service on behalf of Herefordshire Council's Highways Services.

"At present we can give no firm date as to when an issue will be resolved. All reported problems are dealt with through a scheduled works programme unless an inspector determines that the issue needs an emergency repair."

Mrs Arnold believes the town centre road situation is a genuine emergency.

She said: "It is in a dreadful state and must be damaging many vehicles' suspension systems.

When will it be resurfaced?"

This month, with this in mind, she decided to check on progress once again.

On June 5 she asked the authority: "Can you confirm that an inspector has inspected the road?"

On June 9, Herefordshire Council's Customer Services replied: "Thank you for contacting Herefordshire Council and we are sorry that you have had to chase your original request.

"Unfortunately we do not have an update regarding whether the road has been inspected, and cannot advise you of a timescale for the inspection at this stage. We will however pass this enquiry on to Balfour Beatty.

"If you have any further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us."

Mrs Arnold said: "Now that they know where the main street is, I will keep chasing them up because repairs and resurfacing are badly needed."

Herefordshire Council announced earlier this year that Balfour Beatty has a ?40m budget for road repairs in 2014/2015.

Road and flood repairs are to take place at the expense of regular grass cutting.