HEREFORD’s own grill masters The Beefy Boys will be taking Herefordshire beef stateside as the UK’s Best Burger entrant at the World Barbecue Championships in Las Vegas this October.

Carefully honed after three years of grilling at pop-up events around the county, the Boys’ Classic Cheeseburger – complete with their own secret sauce – wowed judges at Bristol BBQ festival GrillStock last weekend, earning them a place at BBQ’s World Cup in Vegas.

Described as a “cheese burger, but a really good one – and just a little bit filthy”, the patty features a secret blend of Herefordshire mince supplied by Widemarsh Street’s Neil Powell Butchers and is housed in a specially-made brioche bun.

Taking on the barbecue-mad American’s at their own game won’t be easy, said one of the six-man team’s founders, the Jailhouse’s Anthony Murphy.

But the Boys are buzzing at the prospect of serving up their burgers for Man vs Food TV personality Adam Richardson.

“It’d a be a dream come true,” said Mr Murphy, who started out five years ago, stepping up his BBQ skills while grilling at home.

“British barbecues are generally a bit rubbish. We started putting a bit of thought into it, and our friends started saying you should do something with this.”

The Beefy Boys were born; with the Anomalies rapper teaming up friends Lee Symonds and the Railway Inn’s Daniel Mayo-Evans to enter Grillstock for the first time.

2014 was their third year at the festival, cooking for ‘Dr BBQ’ Ray Lampe, and going against established BBQ restaurant chains like Bodean’s across a variety of categories including brisket and ribs.

With an expanded team now including Christian Williams, Steve Mcgowan and Chris Williams, all eyes were on the Beefy Boys – “people knew that burgers were what we do,” said Mr Murphy.

And the ‘Boys brought home the trophy, but now face the challenge of transporting their secret weapon, Herefordshire beef, across the Atlantic.