THREE county friends are preparing for the adventure of their lives – for a good cause.

Nick Mahon, Sam Musson and Pete Jarman, who are all 22, are set to drive around 10,000 miles through Northern Europe and Russia in the Mongolia Charity Rally next month.

The friends will take turns to drive on potholed roads and desert tracks, through a dozen or so different countries, in aid of Cool Earth and The Huntington's Disease Association.

Mr Mahon, a student from Wellington, said: "It's something I have always wanted to do – and I kind of pushed the other two to do it. It's something adventurous but it's also great to be doing something to help others too."

The team – "The Dukes of Nothing" – will set off from Battersea on July 20 and make their way to Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia.

Once they have completed the European stretch of the journey, they will have to ditch road maps and drive across the flat expanse of Mongolia.

Rules state that teams must use a vehicle with an engine size no greater than one-litre and cost no more than £1,000.

So they’re putting their trust in a bright orange one-litre VW Polo.

The journey, which will be made by around 300 teams, is likely to last just over a month.

Mr Mahon added: "The terrain will be tough, the tyres will pop and we're all going to overheat.

"But I literally can't wait. I have travelled lots on my own and love it."

They group is aiming to raise £1,000 for each charity.

Donations can be made by visiting