A PLACE of learning and contemplation will be transformed by life-size wooden sculptures.

Sculptor Ed Elliott, aged 28, explores presence in sculptural objects, often using the human figure, and will be displaying a collection of four pieces of work at the Hive in Worcester until Friday, July 18.

The Hive Arts Steering Group selected the work of the former Chase School, Malvern, pupil, who has a workshop at Trumpet Corner, near Ledbury, to showcase work by local artists to the public.

Mr Elliott said: “An exhibition at the Hive is such a great opportunity to show my work to the people of Worcestershire. I’m really looking forward to finally exhibiting in the city where I was born.”

A spokesman for the steering group said: "We are really keen to support the work of new and emerging artists, especially when their work shows a clear connection to the building.

"We felt that Ed's sculptures were a good fit, reflecting the sustainable materials used in the Hive."

The ground floor of the Hive will host a collection of the emerging artists’ recent sculptures, drawings as well as photographs of work in-situ.