WHEN the call went out to volunteers and fundraisers to keep Leominster looking pretty, the community rose to the challenge.

And Leominster in Bloom is saying thank you to those who have stepped in.

Cuts to Herefordshire Council's budget means that Leominster has not received the same amount of help as previously.

As a result, Leominster in Bloom set out to engage the town in an effort to raise funds to fill the 15 iron planters in the town which would have otherwise been left empty.

"The response has been overwhelming, and were it not for the people of Leominster, its retailers, industries, children's groups, various charities and the town council who all either adopted a tub or gave cash donations, it is doubtful that Leominster in Bloom would have felt able to take part in the 2014 Heart of England in Bloom competition," said Mike Thornhill, Leominster in Bloom chairman.

"There has been a refreshing approach taken to filling the planters by the different sponsors; along with the customary floral displays Leominster now boasts fruit, herbs and vegetables, all of which are available to its citizens.

"Together with the £1,400 raised in donations, Leominster in Bloom is confident in keeping all the planters watered and maintained throughout the summer."