A TRAVELLING time capsule is on offer to any local group that seeks a glimpse of bygone days in town and surrounding area.

The Old Ledbury Facebook Group photographic exhibition, on the recent Community Day, as a huge success, according to organisers.

Group spokesperson, Jo Manuschka said: " I think the whole of Ledbury turned up, it was a lovely day . Visitors enjoyed a walk down Memory Lane, enjoying the photographs and meeting up with old friends."

Anyone who missed the display can catch up with it again on Ledbury Carnival Day, on August Bank Holiday Monday. But there's no need to wait that long.

Mrs Manuschka said: "If any group in Ledbury would like the Old Ledbury Exhibition to visit them, contact me on 01905 821590."

The Old Ledbury group was the idea of Mrs Manuschka's mum, Audrey Edge, aged 84, who has Alzheimers but retains dear memories of Ledbury how it was.

And the Alzheimers Society will benefit from all the money raised from the raffle, refreshments and donations to the group on Community Day, - a grand total of £1012.29