LEDBURY'S MP, Bill Wiggin believes that safety, and the privacy of landowners, must be put before the 'right to roam' in the British countryside.

Speaking in the Commons on Monday, June 23, he said: “Traditional rights of way cannot be held to be a greater priority than the safety of those using them.”

He spoke in favour of changes to enable rights of way to be altered if there is a consideration for the safety of the walker or for the privacy of the homeowner.

He said: "I am alarmed at the risks created by footpaths passing through farmyards. A 21st-century farm is dangerous. Equipment is often operated at higher speeds, is heavy and has blind spots. Livestock can be unpredictable, territorial and easily provoked, for instance by a dog.

“Nobody—neither walkers nor farmers—should be forced to walk or work in a position where their safety is at risk.”