A 'FARMERS fry-up' event in a county village raised more than £500 for a charity which supports members of the farming community in need.

Tom Mitchell and Aimee Parry, from The Happy Goat Company which is based in Wormelow, organised a ‘farmers fry-up’ full English breakfast at Preston on Wye Village Hall to raise funds for the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (R.A.B.I).

They were inspired to do their bit after witnessing the devastation caused by the recent flooding to the farming community, especially in Somerset, and learning of the work that R.A.B.I does to help out in these emergency situations.

Ms Parry said: "After watching on the news the distressing scenes of a Somerset farmer trying to evacuate his cattle – which were all stood knee high in flood water – and surrounded by his land and buildings all completely submerged around him it really brought home to me just how lucky we are to be situated on higher land with no threat of such flooding.

"To imagine our own goats and sheep being in such a horrendous situation would be truly heart-breaking."

Mr Mitchell added that, as members of the farming community, the pair wanted to try and show their support for their fellow farmers in some way and the idea of hosting a ‘Farmer’s Fry-Up’ was suggested.

"We used locally produced ingredients wherever possible and are very grateful for the support from local businesses including Pengethley Farm Shop, Emma’s Pigs, Country Flavours, Westons Cider and Heggies Butchers. We also had fantastic help, support and donations from members of the Preston on Wye village community and beyond."

A total of £503 was raised for R.A.B.I.

Anyone wishing to add to the total can visit

If anyone would like to add to the fundraising then thehappygoatcompany.co.uk or go to rabi.org.uk