PUBLIC consultation ends this week on a plan to build a new housing estate that could increase the size of a village, near Ledbury, by almost one third.

The planning application, from the land-owning Church Commissioners, calls for 46 new homes on agricultural land to the west of Upper Court Road in Bosbury (application number, 141550).

But many villagers feel the application is out of proportion to the size of the village, and several objections have been submitted.

Bosbury resident, Robert Eaton wrote to Herefordshire Council planners: "A proposed development of 46 houses would result in the size of the village increasing by 32 per cent and would result in a disproportionate expansion that would detract from the character and setting of the village."

The application says the site is of "low risk from all forms of flooding."

The River Leadon, however, passes through Bosbury and Mr Eaton said: "The western part of this site has flooded on more than one occasion since I moved here, (in 2007)."

A recent public meeting in Bosbury, concerning the application, attracted around 60 concerned residents.

The new housing estate, if approved, would cover 0.264 hectares and contain open spaces and on-site parking for 104 vehicles.

Some residents are concerned over access and egress onto the site.

The consultation period, allowed for responses by Herefordshire Council, ends today, Friday, July 11.

The authority intends to decide whether to grant outline approval, or not, by September 5.

The agent for the application, Ben Simpson, said he hoped that building work could start by late 2015 or early 2016, if all goes to plan.

He said: "The Church Commissioners have a duty to support the work of the church, and part of this means investing in assets, such as land, and Bosbury is a growing village, with housing needs."

Mr Simpson said the new estate would "not quite" increase the size of the village by one third.

He said that 35 per cent of the new homes would be affordable, with a mix for tenants and shared ownership.