A LEDBURY mum is calling for something to be done about a play park, for very young children, which has been vandalised with sexual and drug-related images.

Hayley Boswell said she took her eleventh month old daughter to the small Browning Road play park, on the New Mills, because she wanted to avoid the Recreation Ground.

Ironically, town councillors have just decided not to boost CCTV cover at the Recreation Ground, because local youths are so well behaved these days.

But it seems that some anti-social behaviour has moved elsewhere.

Mrs Boswell said: "We wanted to use the quieter play areas as opposed to the Rec because there is a lot of foul language used on the Rec which I don't want our daughter to hear and pick up on, but it looks like nowhere is safe!"

What Mrs Boswell found was sexual and drugs imagery on play equipment designed for youngsters aged eight and under.

Mrs Boswell was not impressed, and added: "Their artistic skills leave a lot to be desired whoever they are."

The play park was also mentioned at a meeting of the town's environment and leisure committee last week, following reports that dog waste had been smeared down the children's slide.

Mrs Boswell said: "I would like a clean up of the area and CCTV installed, if anything, as a deterrent."

Ledbury's mayor, Coun Bob Barnes, said that the county's contractors, Balfour Beatty, had cleaned up the offensive graffiti as soon as it was reported.

He added that the cost of installing CCTV there would need to be weighed against the need.

Cllr Barnes added: "I hope the graffiti was just a one off."