JUDGES of the Heart of England in Bloom competition were treated to a tour of Leominster on their recent visit.

Leominster volunteers welcomed Trish Willetts and Roger Bache to Grange Court last week before taking them on a tour of the town to show

off this year's planting.

Along the route they were greeted by some of the sponsors who have pulled out all the stops to assist the Leominster in Bloomers.

"In the light of the council cut backs this year, we have asked the town businesses to do more than just donate their money," said Mike Thornhill, Leominster in Bloom's chairman.

"We have asked them to actually do the planting and follow on care this time, as we simply cannot get to all the extra planters that have been previously cared for by council contractors.

"We have been delighted by their response and we really hope that the judges have seen how the town has worked together like never before, as we celebrate our 10th year."

Leominster now boasts several interesting murals, including some new stencils that are appearing over night, on the theme of the apple orchards and Ryelands sheep.

The judges were shown these, as well as the Ryeland statue, Lady Baa-Baa that was unveiled last season.

The results will be issued later this year.