A GRIEVING woman and her young daughter were left with nowhere to live following the sudden death of her partner – but now an entire Hereford community has rallied round to make their new flat feel like a home.

Days after Craig Hurcombe, 34, died in his sleep last month his fiancée Reda Butkute and 18-month-old daughter Jessica were served notice by a private landlord.

Needing somewhere to live – and with her family living thousands of miles away in Lithuania – Ms Butkute was taken in by Craig’s parents while Herefordshire Housing found her temporary accommodation.

Last week, Ms Butkute received the keys to a Broxash Drive property, but she had only a sofa bed and television set to her name.

At this point her close friends, Phil Payne and Lydia Galvin, put out an appeal on Facebook for furniture.

The reaction was overwhelming; in just 48 hours, people from across the city donated enough to fit out the entire flat.

Mr Payne added: “The amount of people that have rallied round has been inspiring – Hereford has pulled together to help someone in a desperate situation.

“We shared Reda’s plight on Facebook because obviously it spreads quicker, and we were inundated with offers.

“Now Reda and Jessica have got every household item you could imagine.”

Mr Hurcombe – a keen footballer and popular member of the South Wye community – died on June 5 at the home he shared with his fiancée and their daughter.

His father, Graham Hurcombe, said: “Wendy - Craig’s mother - and I, would like to say a very big than kyou to everyone for their support and gifts to help Reda and Jessica.

“They are all incredible people and friends.”

Herefordshire Housing was able to step in and provide emergency accommodation, but it is only a temporary measure to bridge the gap between homes.

However, for now, the young family has place from which to start building their lives back up again.