TWO residents from Ledbury's Swedish twin town of Strömstad have had to cancel a planned visit to the Ledbury Poetry Festival.

Clive Jupp of of the Ledbury/Stromstad Twinning Association said: "It is with great regret that we have to announce that Jan Palmblad and Annika Forslund have to cancel their visit to Ledbury this weekend. This is due to unavoidable personal circumstances.

"They both send their apologies to everyone in Ledbury with a special regret from Annika as she will be unable to perform at the Poetry Festival. We hope to see them both in Ledbury again soon."

Annika Forslund is a Swedish poet and dramatist, and she was set to give a free reading in the Shell House Gallery, the Homend, on Sunday, July 13, from 2pm to 2.20pm.