LEDBURY TOWN Council is to launch a five year campaign to improve play equipment on the Recreation Ground, but this is likely to be paid for by rises in council tax demands.

The final bill is likely to run into tens of thousands of pounds.

Equipment that needs replacing includes the popular but ageing zip wire ride, called "the aerial runway", at a cost of around £10,000.

And the council also hopes to install a roundabout suitable for disabled children, which will cost a similar amount, and also a second swing seat for impaired mobility youngsters, - because an existing seat has proved to be so popular.

Cllr Martin Eager, chairman of the town's environment and leisure committee said: "The idea is to set aside money for the next five years and to buy a new piece of equipment each year.

"But we have to stop being frightened to put the precept up and start budgeting from next year.

"At the moment we have absolutely no idea how much all of this will cost. Some equipment is good for a few years, and some for longer than that."

He added: "We do, as a council, look around for good value.

"Some of the equipment does need replacing, or moving."

Likely imminent improvements at the Rec include drain clearances at the skateboard park, due to flooding last winter.

Tarmac on the skateboard park "is starting to disintegrate in three areas", and the town council will also seek a quote for this.

Flooding has also been reported on the basketball court, in the left hand corner, and the town council will investigate.

On the children's play area, the barked areas need to be topped up.

Repairs are needed to a see saw, which is "very squeaky" and a picnic bench needs to be secured.

The hoop net on the basket call court needs replacing.

Some damaged items of equipment have already been removed, including a tyre swing that has missing pins and a swing seat.