LEDBURY'S MP, Bill Wiggin MP is calling for the county’s potholes to be fixed before winter makes the situation even worse.

Mr Wiggin said: "Another winter of cold and wet weather exacerbates the problem.

“I still have constituents coming to see me at my surgeries to talk about potholes.At my surgery in Ledbury last week several constituents came to see me yet again about potholes.

"There are numerous problems across Herefordshire, but there’s only one we have to tackle right now while the sun is shining – potholes, potholes, potholes!"

He added: "If we don’t tackle them now, the weather will soon turn and it will be too wet to do so.I was delighted with the additional £2.573 million Herefordshire was awarded from the National Pothole Fund in June.

"This was on top of the £3.5 million received from the Government in March, the highest award in the West Midlands.

"While I try to get more money from the Government I am calling on Herefordshire Council to spend that money and fill in our potholes now before it’s too late.”

On Friday March 28, Bill Wiggin MP took Andy Williams, Contract Director at Balfour Beatty, and Richard Ball, Assistant Director of Place Based Commissioning at Herefordshire Council, on a tour of Ledbury pointing out potholes that have caused misery to cyclists and motorists.

Mr Wiggin said: "During that meeting Balfour Beatty said that almost 600 miles of road in Herefordshire were in urgent need of maintenance."

Balfour Beatty has already promised repairs in the town centre, with particular attention to the section from Top Cross to the War Memorial.