ENJOY the nice weather while you can – we are in for a soggy Saturday.

The Met Office today issued a severe weather warning, predicting heavy rain, hail and thunder for almost the entirety of England and the eastern half of Wales throughout the day.

The forecast predicts rain will start to fall at about 3am on Saturday morning and keep going until midnight, with some torrential spells.

Only Cornwall, west Wales and our Scottish neighbours are predicted to get away without umbrellas.

Some localised flooding and surface water is possible as a result of the downpours.

A statement on the organisation’s website read: “Following a build of very warm and humid air from mid-week onwards there is the potential for the development of large thunderstorms over England and Wales from early on Saturday.

“In this situation large amounts of energy are available in the atmosphere and this, coupled with high moisture content, can lead to torrential downpours along with frequent lightning activity, hail and locally strong gusts.”

But it added the thunderstorms may not materialise as a result of the wide range of variables that need to come together for them to cause them to start.

Tomorrow is predicted to be cloudy but dry, with some sunny spells on Thursday and Friday with the possibility of some light rain on Friday morning. For the latest on weather in Worcestershire visit www.worcesternews.co.uk.