REMEMBERING the birthdays of family members can often be a tricky task but for Hereford sisters Victoria Black and Nicola Bayley they now have no excuse.

For the pregnant siblings, who had due dates three weeks apart, gave birth to sons on the same day at Hereford County Hospital.

Mrs Bayley had Finn, her first child, 10 hours before her sister welcomed her third child Lucus into the world.

The news that both were boys was another welcome surprise as neither mum knew the sex of their child before the birth.

"I was in the delivery room and my husband, Neil, was texting people to let them know what was happening. Then he received a text saying Victoria's also in hospital," said Mrs Bayley, who is 28 and lives in Whittern Way, Tupsley.

"I wasn't sure what was going on."

She gave birth about 8.15am on June 27 and saw her sister in the maternity wing later in the day, shortly before she went into labour.

"Neither of us knew what we were having. I was convinced I was having a boy. Loads of people had told me I was carrying a girl," said Mrs Bayley.

Finn was born weighing five pounds, eight ounces, while Lucus was four pounds, 13 ounces.

"I think our parents were in shock," added the first time mum.

"Mum was my first visitor. She was running around like a headless chicken."

She says friends have already started calling the youngsters 'cwins' - short for cousins and twins.

Mrs Black, who is 30 and lives in Old School Lane, Hereford, said she was excited at hearing the news her sister had been admitted to the maternity wing.

"I had had a really busy day, and I was excited that Nicola may be giving birth," she said.

"Then my waters started trickling and I had to go into hospital as well."

She says she didn't think it was the start of labour as she was still five weeks away from her due date, but was already five centimetres dilated.

"I gave birth at 6.15pm. Lucus was taken to the special care unit and we were in hospital for a couple of weeks, but he is home and well now.

"The nurses in hospital were really shocked that two sisters had given birth on the same day.

"I still can't get over it. My sister was really excited and our parents were too. They were shocked but over the moon."