A SAFE sex campaign has been launched by the organisation responsible for sexual health in Worcestershire.

The campaign by Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust is working to raise awareness of the dangers of unprotected sex.

Each week until the end of August a new poster will be featured on the trust’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, containing summer-themed messages and advice such as the risk that oil-based suntan lotion can cause condoms to split.

The posters have already been displayed in colleges and schools.

The trust’s health promotion specialist Kate Wilson said: “Over the summer holidays people enjoy celebrating and may lose their inhibitions and take risks they wouldn’t usually take.

“This campaign is a reminder to enjoy the holiday season without regrets, to pack contraception and condoms in their holiday essentials and to practice safe sex.

“Many people do not realise that oil based products can cause condoms to split including sun cream and body oils.

“Whilst we want to encourage people to plan their contraception in advance, for those that feel they may need it, emergency contraception is available in advance from local sexual health services.”

The month-long campaign is set to run from Monday, July 23 until Sunday, August 24.

For advice on sexual health call 0800 783 2936 or visit www.playinitsafe.co.uk.