COMMUNICATIONS giant EE has issued an apology for the sketchy mobile service Kington residents have experienced over the last few months.

While the company is not planning to upgrade equipment in the area until 2015, its engineers have carried out work to improve 3G service in the area.

Also Kington now falls under a support scheme that aims to have repairs completed within eight hours of a fault being reported.

In a statement on EE’s online forum, community manager Ed Holden said: “In recent months there have been sporadic network issues in the Kington area which have affected service for some customers.

“Our engineers have directed a large amount of effort and resource at Kington, and customers should now have seen an improvement to their 3G service.

“We apologise for the inconvenience while we were working through the complex network challenges faced.

“As well as improving the network, we have also made changes to our customer services department which aims to ensure a consistent message, should any future faults occur.

“We hope that customers in the area will see the improved performance and overall experience of the EE network, and thank you all for your patience.”

You can check your 3G coverage on EE, formerly Everything Everywhere, by entering your postcode her .