SCORES of fish were rescued from the River Teme in Herefordshire last week.

Falling river levels caused some sections to flow through – rather than over – the gravel beds leaving fish stranded in isolated pools where they were at risk of suffocating due to a lack of oxygen.

The Environment Agency spent the day in the Teme near Brampton Bryan last week where they carefully stunned fish using a light electric current.

Members of the rescue team then scooped up the fish in nets as they came to the surface and put them into buckets of water.

They were then transferred to a large aerated tank of water towed by a Land Rover before being taken to deeper water elsewhere on the river for release.

Fisheries technical specialist, Chris Bainger, said this is part of the work done to protect fish and conserve fish stocks during the hot weather conditions.

"It is made possible by the contributions of anglers through their rod licence fees," he said.

"We are monitoring the situation closely and will act quickly to alleviate such problems if they occur."