AN unexplained flying object was pictured in flames in the evening skies over Leominster last night.

The plane-like device could be seen around 8.30pm dropping dramatically from the sky with long trails behind it.

Gwynn Rowlands, from the Newtown Cross area, grabbed his camera and captured the object falling.

He said: “It was dropping like it was going to crash.

“By the time I’d got my camera – no more than a minute – it levelled out and began to rise as if it was over a town and could land.

“Then it dropped out of sight.

“It looked like plane, but I couldn’t tell whether it was private plane or something bigger.”

Mr Rowlands added that the given the zoom that he was using, he believed it was somewhere near Leominster but that it was hard to estimate with no other point of reference.

There were no recorded incidents by police or at Shobdon Airfield – although that was closed at the time of the sighting.

The Civil Aviation Authority had no information however spokesman Tony Finnegan said that often these sightings turn out to be military operations or drills.

Army spokesman Belinda Steel had no comment.