LEOMINSTER residents have had their first glimpse of a neighbourhood plan which sets out what developments should take place in the area over the next 20 years.

The draft Leominster Area Neighbourhood Plan (LANP) was unveiled at Grange Court earlier this month, where visitors were able to talk about and read the plan.

Now, local people have until the end of August to give their feedback and help with the next stage of rolling the official plan out.

Councillor Peter Ellis, chairman of the LANP steering committee, said: "This is the main chance people will get to say what they like about it and what they would like to be included. After we have received feedback, we will put together a second draft . The next six-week consultation period will start at the end of September or at the beginning of October and that will be it until people get a chance to vote."

Copies of the plan will be on show at Leominster's town council offices on West Street, the Library, the Community Centre and Grange Court throughout August and it can also be downloaded from the website.

Members of the steering group will be in the Rankin Club on Friday mornings throughout August to discuss the plan.

A major part of it surrounds a link road for the town – from Barons Cross to Hereford Road – which is considered a priority.

"We don't believe any development can sustainably take place without that link road. It’s essential to take traffic out of the town centre and improve the appalling pollution problem in Bargates," said cllr Ellis.

He added that the plan also supports development at Barons Cross, with a requirement for high-quality housing which is fully sustainable.

The plan also seeks to revitalise Leominster town centre and to make roads there a pedestrian priority.

"It means people can walk where they like and traffic has to move extremely slowly," said cllr Ellis.

The plan also aims to protect current green spaces and encourages support for new businesses.

To find out more visit leominsterplan.org