A HEREFORDSHIRE school, built just 46 years ago, is set to be demolished.

Brilley School was closed in 2007 due to falling attendance, and now permission has been submitted to level the building amongst fears it will soon fall victim to vandals and graffiti artists in the West Herefordshire village.

Project manager David Hobden said: “The school will soon become derelict and a target for vandalism and action needs to be taken promptly to avoid any safety-related incidents.”

The move effectively ends education in the village – among the first in Herefordshire to record schooling more than 200 years ago.

Brilley’s original school was located in the village hall building, and the charity that oversees that site will take over the new school’s land, once the building is demolished.

In exchange for the land – which will be protected from development – the local community will fund the demolition.

Mr Hobden said asbestos specialists would have to be contracted to complete the work.