A HEREFORD flooring firm have been rolling out the black carpet for the rich and famous at London’s Albert Hall for the last four years.

Each year Wyvern Flooring have been tasked with kitting out the staggering 2000 square feet of carpet at for an awards ceremony for Lloyds Bank.

A seven-man team manages the back-breaking feat in just one day.

And after the event the firm rip up the carpet, bring it back to their Melrose Place headquarters and offer it up to any charities that need it for community projects or fund-raising events.

Gareth Elliott, one of Wyvern Flooring’s directors, was part of the team last month.

He said: “It’s one of those prestigious things we do.

“The Albert Hall is phenomenal – when you go in you just stand there in awe.

“Most of the carpet is still useable – some isn’t because of the drinking – and last year a lot of it was re-used for a ball to raise money for a military charity.”

It is not the only high-profile job Wyvern have taken on over the years, laying Astroturf at the old Wembley and fitting out the Lord Mayor’s Ball in London – a charity event where tables go for £5000 each.

If you want to get in touch about using some of this year’s carpet for a charity or community event, you can contact Wyvern Flooring on 01432 278 873.