A Bromsberrow lady says she is very proud to have taken part in a national cycle challenge on behalf of Greyhound Rescue West of England (GRWE).

Mary Roberts, of Bromsberrow Heath, who admits to being "over sixty, recently tackled a 25 mile ordeal from her home to just beyond Hereford, with the daunting obstacle of Much Marcle Ridge on the way.

Her motivation was her love of greyhounds and to show support for Ellesmere Port teacher, Toby Boram, who set himself the task of riding from Land's End to John O'Groats in ten days, on behalf of GRWE.

Mrs Roberts linked up with Mr Boram for his run into Hereford and donated the £150 she raised in sponsorship towards his total of over £5,000.

She said: “While it was hard work the day was lots of fun for me, but our super-cyclist Toby Boram had an incredible journey to complete."

But the journey was completed last Thursday, August 14, when the middle-aged Mr Boram rolled into John O'Groats.

GRWE is run with the support of just three administrative staff - so funds raised by the challenge will go straight to dogs in need.

Mrs Roberts received her first greyhound from the GRWE and soon was helping them as a volunteer, including fostering abandoned dogs, before they can be re-homed.

This can take up to a year at a time, and Mrs Roberts has fostered four dogs so far, including the latest one, Adam, who is still with her.

She also has her own greyhound, Bruno, who is 12.

Greyhounds are sometimes abandoned when their life as racing dogs on the track comes to an end, although Mrs Roberts stressed "there are many good trainers".

She added: "Greyhounds are very gentle and loving dogs, and very lazy, and it's a misconception that they need plenty of exercise."

Mrs Roberts said of her own sponsored challenge: "I do a bit of cycling, but I underestimated Marcle Ridge, where I had to get off and walk!"

But nothing was going to stop her making the link up with Mr Boram.

She said “Toby is a volunteer like me – he’s a 51 year old school teacher, who wanted to help raise awareness and funds. Toby said it was all about the hounds, not the bike, which says so much about him.”

Anyone wishing to show support for Mrs Roberts' efforts, should do so through www.justgiving.com/tobygrwelejog, where they can make a donation towards Mr Boram's total.