TRAFFIC jams in Kington had a vintage feel this weekend as ‘steamers’ briefly took over the roads.

The 14-tonne classic steam engines and steam tractors were part of the Kington Vintage show, which drew crowds into the thousands to the small Herefordshire town both Saturday and Sunday.

The show itself, at the town’s Rec, featured anything from retro military vehicles to classic cars and vintage tractors.

But the highlight was the show’s hulking steamers, which were driven to two of Kington’s care homes on Saturday night so that residents could get a look.

Mick Rand, Kington Vintage Club’s secretary, said: “The steamers are a bit slow and bulky on the roads – but they are very impressive.

“And some of the residents find it hard to get out, so we like to bring some of the show to them.

“We were really pleased with the turnout on both days – it’s great for the town.”

Mr Rand said the show enjoyed around 3,000 visitors on the Saturday, with that number rising to 4,750 on the Sunday.

Vintage fans came from as far as Norfolk, with many making their way from the Three Cocks festival at Hay-On-Wye the week before and staying in the town.