LEDBURY Carnival almost certainly made a loss this year, although final figures are still being tallied up.

The rainy Bank Holiday Monday weather is being blamed for a turn-out which was half that which was anticipated.

Outgoing Carnival Chairman, Steve Clegg said: "I don't think there were even 4,000 people, although it was well-supported locally.

"A lot of people saw the procession, which was colourful, and then went home. Others used umbrellas to watch the bands in the town centre."

Bucket collections, which help to fund the annual carnival, were hit hard, however.

The crowds were simply not deep enough for a big final total.

Mr Clegg said: "Bucket collections were definitely down. I think we made a loss this year."

But both losses and profits are part of the Carnival scene.

Mr Clegg said: "It costs £8,000 to stage a carnival, and most years we break even, and last year we made a profit, so it does level up."

Mr Clegg, who moved to Malvern last year, believes it is time for someone else to be chairman, after seventeen years of being in charge.

He will formally cease to be chairman at the November AGM of the Ledbury Carnival Committee, when the committee for the year ahead is elected and a new carnival theme decided upon the year ahead.

Mr Clegg, aged 71, said: "I'm getting on a bit; I've been chairman for seventeen years and I no longer live in Ledbury, and all in all it is time for a change.

Seventeen years is long enough, and I hope I've done a good job.

"It is time that someone else had a go."

Mr Clegg will not seek to remain a member of the Carnival Committee, but he will help out with next year's carnival, if required.

And fingers are already being crossed for better weather.