WORK by West Mercia Police to raise awareness of the threat posed by internet fraudsters has won acclaim from one of the county’s leading cyber security experts.

Former director of the Cyber Security Knowledge Transfer Network – an organisation working to identify issues and improve the safety of people and businesses online – Tony Dyhouse praised the “hard work and dedication” of police working to stamp out internet-based crime.

Mr Dyhouse is due to speak at a major cyber security conference at the University of Worcester Arena on Monday, September 8 which will see experts come together to share experiences and expertise.

Attendees will also be able to take part in a Question TIme-style panel where they can ask questions about the best ways to keep themselves safe.

Mr Dyhouse said everyone – from individuals to large businesses – was at risk of cyber crime so good education was important.

“The people that actually launch these threats communicate between themselves and are very well organised,” he said.

“It is only fair that in trying to defend ourselves against this sort of threat that we do the same and we discuss ways of handling them.

“An awful lot of attacks are successful simply because they persuade us to do certain actions that we should not do.

“By being able to talk about this in an almost social setting it enables us to realise, understand and practise some of the more obvious means of avoiding becoming a victim.

“What I like about the events that the police are setting up is the hard work and dedication that they are putting into them and I applaud the interactive sessions – they are really important to get people working together.”

My Dyhouse said one of the most prominent methods of cyber attack was the phishing email – a message which will often appear to be from a trustworthy source such as a bank and often ask to click on a link and confirm the victim’s details.

“We talk about cyber crime but it is just crime,” he said.

“It’s the same old crimes being committed in a new way.

“It’s still theft or fraud, but being committed online.”

He added profits gained by online fraudsters now outstrip those of the drug trade and this could continue to grow with the increased reliance on internet shopping and banking.

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