FLOWER inspired music, a hit at the recent Edinburgh Fringe festival, will raise the rafters at Hellens Barn, Much Marcle.

On Thursday ,September 11, the barn will host Leominster based composer Andrew Morris, and saxophonist Sam Jobst, fresh from their success at the Edinburgh Fringe.

The duo will offer up a programme of Mr Morris's own compositions, 'Musical Remedies'. which are each based on the flower remedies of of Dr. Edward Bach, the Birmingham physician who experimented with new ideas, before his death in 1936.

The concert starts at 7.30am, and will also include a performance of Mr Morris's new composition, Wu Xing, - alto saxophone and piano.

Tickets will be £10 on the door, or in advance at tc@fippleflute.co.uk, or 07761 660244.