POTTY mouths will be challenged to hold their tongues as part of a novel fundraising challenge in Leominster this weekend.

More than 20 pubs in the town and surrounding villages are taking part in a non-swearing day – with a 20p fine for each bad word.

Fines collected will go to Herefordshire Headway which works to improve lives for people who have experienced a brain injury.

Wayne Harris, owner of Shooters Bar in Leominster, said it was an idea that came from one of his employees, Julie Griffiths.

She raised £200 for St Michael's Hospice after asking for 50p donations for swear words.

"A regular then suggested we get all the pubs together and actually do a non swearing day," he added.

"We got the H.A.N.D Pubwatch scheme involved then and brought it up in a meeting with the police. Both police and licensing loved the idea. And that's where it all started."

Many of Leominster's pubs were happy to get involved as well as others in Shobdon, Pembridge and Eardisland.

The non-swearing day takes place between 1pm and 6pm on Sunday (September 7) and it is hoped that the event will be a yearly fundraiser for local charities.

"We are just aiming to raise as much as we can," added Mr Harris.

"I reckon it will be a bit of fun in the pub. Come 6pm, if you're in Leominster I'm sure most places will be playing Living Next Door to Alice. Everyone will be singing along."

Punters can also choose to pay £5 to receive a hand stamp that will allow them to swear freely without any further fines throughout the day.