IT has been called the most British road rage incident ever.

And now the Malvern man behind the clip of the very civilised confrontation which has taken social media by storm has revealed what happened next.

People have been amused by the terse exchange between a woman who refused to drive past another driver down a narrow Ledbury lane.

But viewers have been left wondering what happened next after the film ends with the woman stating ominously: “Well, you can stay here all night. I’m not moving.”

Mark Coates, who lives in Malvern Link with his partner and six-month-old son Alfie, put the footage of the exchange in the notoriously narrow Knapp Lane, Ledbury, on Facebook.

The video shows the woman getting out of her car and approaching Mr Coates asking him to reverse onto The Homend.

Mr Coates refused, saying it was illegal to reverse onto a main road and he would not do it.

He told the lady motorist that there was plenty of room for vehicles to pass, and he knew because he drove up Knapp Lane twice a day.

The lady motorist seemed to accuse him of not being courteous.

“You should not have been coming on,” she said.

“You could have stopped.”

Mr Coates, a 22-year-old HGV mechanic, has now revealed how the stalemate was resolved.

He said: “Basically I turned up a blind corner to be faced with another car in the middle of the road.

“We obviously both stopped and I gestured that if she moved over then we could both get through.

“She refused and we both sat there for ten minutes or so, she then decided to come to my car window – then you saw what happened on the video.

“After that another motorist went and spoke to the woman and eventually persuaded her that there was enough room to get past and proceeded to watch the lady pass my car safely (with plenty of room to spare) we then both moved off.”

Mr Coates has been amazed at how the clip has taken off on social media and news websites after he initially posted it on Facebook.

“I’m surprised at how big it went as I only filmed it in case something silly happened like an accident or something for insurance purposes.

“My girlfriend told me to put it on Facebook and it’s gone from there really.

“Most comments are good and most people just find it hilarious.”