LEDBURY High Street will be closed to traffic for a one-off community celebration to mark the 400th anniversary of the town's iconic building, the Market House.

Town councillors came up with the idea of the anniversary crowd pleaser; but many local groups will be involved in what is being called "The Great Ledbury Celebration".

Shops will remain open as usual, during an event which could bring thousands to the town centre.

Ledbury Food Group, which annually puts on a highly popular food festival at the close of poetry festival, will again bring a host of food stalls to the town centre; and the Ledbury Amateur Dramatic Society will be asked to stage small plays, to help entertain the crowds.

Ledbury Poetry Festival will also stage attractions and so will students from the John Masefield High School. Ledbury Community Brass Band has been asked to provide live music.

There could be a traditional wood craft display, by the Market House, to give residents and visitors a good idea of how the iconic building was constructed from oak, back in 1617.

Other attractions could include pottery and metal-working displays, a bouncy castle, face painting, medieval stalls and a pig roast.

Church groups, including the Mormons, could also be asked to take part in the celebrations.

The Mormon prophet, Brigham Young, is believed to have preached under Ledbury's Market House, during the nineteenth century.

Cllr Martin Eager, a member of the town's working party said: "I hope it will all come together to be a great celebratory day. It will be a one off, with the town council facilitating it and providing funding."

The working party has a budget of £2000.

There will be a stage in the High Street, for performances, and a PA system alone will cost £600.

Additional expenditure will be necessary to pay for the road closure, signage and to pay for stewards for duties such as manning the barriers.

The idea is that The Great Ledbury Celebration will take place on the last day of this year's Poetry Festival, Sunday, July 9.