A GROUP of Leominster friends who were outraged when a charity collection box was stolen from the town's library have decided to make their own donation.

The collection box for the Royal British Legion went missing from the front desk of Leominster Library last Friday.

Rachel Bayley, a member of staff there, posted on a Leominster Facebook group in the hope that the discarded box might be picked up by a member of the public.

But her post caused outrage about the crime among social media commenters and a group of friends, including ex-servicemen, decided to club together to make their own donation of around £350.

Rory Evans, who was one of those to make a donation alongside Ryan Morris, Rob Parker and Wayne Harris, said: "Stealing from any charity is bad but stealing from the town's library, and from the Royal British Legion, I couldn't get my head around it so we thought we would do something."

Mr Evans, who served in the army for six years, presented Ms Bayley with the cash last week, which has gone straight to the charity.

There is a new donation box now in place at the library which is fully secured. A separate collection box has also been put in place at nearby Shooters Bar, which is run by Mr Harris.

Ms Bayley said: "I think it's really amazing. Out of bad news has come really good news so I am delighted and it's brilliant that Leominster chaps have such kind hearts."