FOUR homes at a proposed 21-house village development have been designed to accommodate work facilities for the residents who live there.

A planning application has been submitted to Herefordshire Council for 21 dwellings on land between Garbrook and Little Tarrington Common Road in Little Tarrington.

The plans include three self-build plots and seven affordable homes.

There are four live/work units proposed which are units of living accommodation, specifically designed to accommodate work facilities for those residing therein.

The workspace element is usually alongside and attached to the dwelling or located at ground floor with accommodation above. To qualify as genuine live work/units, the floorspace devoted to the work element should exceed that available for the dwelling.

The applicant said that Tarrington Parish has a higher proportion of self-employed than the county average - 20.7 percent of economically active residents compared with 15.6 percent at a county level.

The applicant added: "There is also strong evidence of local level support with 92 percent of respondents to the NDP open day supporting proposals for new small scale employment opportunities in the parish."

Of these units, there will be two one-beds with 71 square metre workspace and two three-beds with 103 square metre work space.

The development would be accessed off Little Tarrington Common Road.

A formal residential courtyard of dwellings is the focal part of the development at the eastern end of the site and a cluster of live/work units and houses surrounding a pond at the western end.