AN evacuee has spoken about what a new project to remember those who worked at a munitions factory at Rotherwas means to him.

It was during the Second World War when Jon Taylor, 83, was put on a train from London aged just five, wearing a label and destined for a new, safe home in Eardisley.

But the youngster did not settle at the North Herefordshire farm and his parents were left with a choice – either move from Chelsea to be with him or have him sent back to the capital.

Elsie May Taylor and Joseph Taylor packed their bags and headed to Herefordshire, where they remained a crucial part of the war effort by working at the munitions factory at Rotherwas.

Jon said: "They would travel from Kington to Hereford by bus to work at the factories in Rotherwas. My mother and father were actually there when the Germans dropped a bomb on the factory in 1942. It was pretty close.

"They never spoke about it to anyone. You'll probably find the people working there never spoke about their job at all but mother used to talk about cordite and father's teeth used to go black.

"I stayed at the farm because they were working at the factory so I saw them for one weekend in three."

Elsie and Joseph worked at the factory from 1940 to 1945 and from 1941 they were also joined by Jon's aunt and uncle, Bill 'William' Beaven' and Muriel Beaven.

Mr Taylor, who served in the armed forces for five years and settled in Hereford with his family, decided to share his story after reading in the Hereford Times about a project aiming to compile a complete record of the names of those who worked at the factory during both world wars.

He said: "It's a great project and I think they should be recognised by a monument or something.

"It was a dangerous job, there's no two ways about it. Looking at it now, which you didn't then, they could have been blown up at any time."

Joseph Taylor was killed in a motorcycle accident in Letton aged 59. His wife, Elsie,

died in 1988.

If you know of someone who worked at the factory or have artefacts, documents or photographs call the project organisers on 01432 260750 or email