THANKS to American teen drama films like Bring It On, there will be few people who do not know what cheerleading is.

But in recent years its popularity has increased dramatically here in the UK, with many recognising the health and social benefits of being involved with the sport.

In Hereford, there is a team already putting the county on the map for its 'cheer prowess' – performing at various events and bagging a whole host of trophies at competitions.

3Degreez was launched by Katie Weaver-Hall and Ruth Jones five years ago and offers competition teams for people aged five and up, as well as recreational cheerleading classes for youngsters aged one to 16.

So far this year, 3Degreez has attended two national competitions – and has brought home trophies for every team.

Katie and Ruth said: "We have been running in Hereford for five years and are working really hard to provide the city with a club that feels more like a family.

"The achievements we have seen our athletes make is incredible, and with four professionally qualified coaches in cheerleading, gymnastics and dance, we are able to deliver safe training to all ages, along with support from our assistant and junior coaches.

"Cheerleading can offer so much more than a sporting activity – it helps people to feel part of a team and belong to something bigger than just a fun club. Over the years we have seen so many members blossom not only in their talent but in confidence, self-esteem and teamwork."

Cheerleading itself involves motions, dance, gymnastic tumbles, jumps and lifts which all require precision and teamwork.

"One of the great aspects of cheerleading is that there is a place for everyone – you are not required to be outstanding at every part of the sport. We only hope that people gain experience, have loads of fun and learn new skills from joining a class," they added.

From September they are offering a free taster session for anyone starting recreational cheerleading classes.

Next season will see teams attend three competitions in the Midlands against other big city teams.

There will also be performances across Herefordshire, including at the Christmas lights switch-on.