A LARGE dog with an even larger personality who appeared on the big screen alongside famous faces such as Michael Caine and Simon Pegg has died.

After an illustrious career in the film industry, Seamus the Wolfhound, who lived with owners Nick Frost and Sheila Marshall in Hinton-on-the-Green, near Evesham, said a final farewell to his legions of fans from his own facebook page.

In his final post, Seamus said: “Goodbye everyone – it’s been great, all of it.”

The giant hound made his movie debut in 2006 in Children of Men alongside British actor Clive Owen and later went on to feature in a string of successful films including the Other Boleyn Girl, Burke and Hare, Angel and Catwalk Dogs.

Comedian Simon Pegg, who starred in Burke and Hare, tweeted about his fondness for Seamus this week when he said: “Seamus, the biggest dog in the UK and the stealer of scenes in Burke and Hare, is nearing the end of his journey. Go say hi on his official twitter page.”

Seamus the Wolfhound had to be put down due to heart problems and a foot injury which never fully recovered.

A post on Seamus’ facebook page, thanking everyone for support during his final days, said: “I am overwhelmed by all the kind messages and likes resulting from my status posting yesterday. Thank you all. I am one lucky son of a bitch.”

Mr Frost, who owned Seamus for nine years, said: “He was a big dog. His speciality was lying in front of a log fire. He had a lot of practice at home. Seamus had a very good nature.

“He often had make up on set. He had one very bright white paw and quite often for filming it was dusted to make it grey.

“He always came back smelling of primrose oil. They got him to do what they wanted by feeding him cocktail sausages. We will miss him a lot.”

l Seamus’ facebook page is full of humourous posts about his time on film sets.

In one he says he is dead chuffed about appearing in the credits for Burke and Hare. On the Other Boleyn Girl he said: “My role in this one is one I could probably still do today. All I had to do was lie in front of a log fire. Something of a speciality of mine.”

About Angel he said: “I had a role in this one. Not one of the world’s best films. But I did get to be on a bed with a barely clad Charlotte Rampling – woof, woof.”